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Pirates using illegal 3W callsigns

This if an information from OM Huy de XV2B (VARC secretary).

It seems that some unidentified stations (pirates) are operating CW and digimodes (PSK31 and JT65) with unauthorized and illegal callsigns. Of course these will not be valid for any award or diploma.

In recent days, there are some CW-JT65-PSK31 activities on radio amateur band with unknown 3W callsign.
– The ship callsign: 3Wxx without the zone number.
– Illegal callsign: 3W0xxx, zone zero is not use.
– Fake callsign (?): received on zone 1-2 not 3.
– Fake callsign (!): not authorized from owner (XVxx).
Please attention.

XV3AA in JT65

If you need a QSO with Viet-Nam in digital modes, you will be pleased to know that Shim de XV3AA is regularly active in JT65 on 20m around 0900z. Considering that JT65 has low power requirement, this is a good opportunity to contact vietnamese amateur radio station. Check on pskreporter website for his presence.