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First high altitude balloon flight in Viet-Nam

The FSpace team (leaded by XV9AA), having already achieved the successful launch of the F-1 cubesat, has now reached a new milestone. They have entirely succeeded in building, launching, tracking and recovering an high-altitude balloon using several Amateur Radio technologies like APRS.

FSpace balloon payloadThis is a rare event in Vietnam for several reasons, including the fact that civilian aviation regulations are not as developed as in western countries. This open the way for more experiments and will help the country to gain skills and experiences in aircraft and space technologies.

As facts, the balloon reached an altitude of about 70.000ft (more than 21 km), flew for more than 2 hours over 200 km. The two way trips to recover it by motorbike took longer…

JAXA confirmed F-1 cubesat deployment for September 27th

F-1 cubesat assembly in F-Space labsThe japanese space agencies have confirmed the vietnamese cubesat F-1 and its companions will be deployed on September 27th 2012. This will be the first deployment of 5 cubesats from Kibo module and it will serve as a test to further simple and inexpensive launches from the ISS via the japanese HTV cargo. F-1 lifetime in space before re-entry is forecasted to be 250 days. Good luck!