3W6C is over

Despite using less equipment than hoped because of the military restricted status of the island, the team has managed to work around 8000 QSOs. After a short ceremony with local officials and people, the operators have gone back to Saigon so they can catch a plane back to Europe, looking for the volcanic ashes to let them flight safely.

T32MI, T32CI, T32VI : Eastern Kiribati (updated)

A first contact between Malden island in the Eastern Kiribati archipelago and Viêt-Nam has been maid today by XV4TUJ. T32MI expedition is operating from islet that have never been activated before.

Caroline Island activated with the T32CI callsign was also easily contacted. No doubt that the operators are really skilled and perfectly managed the pile-up.

Landing on Vostok island was impossible and the team has finally started operation on Flint island. T32VI was also contacted from Viêt-Nam.

CLB Vô tuyến điện nghiệp dư – HAM Radio in Viet-Nam – How to obtain a Radio Amateur callsign in Viêt-Nam