HAM Radio Licensing

UPDATE: The new website to apply for amateur radio licenses in Viet Nam can be found here: https://varc-xv2b.blogspot.com (https://varc-xv2b NULL.blogspot NULL.com).

If you want to be issued a Radio Amateur license for transmitting in Viêt-Nam, you need to contact Mr NGUYỄN Bác Ái – XV2A, president of the Vietnam Amateur Radio Club (VARC, Vietnamese Amateur Radio-Club – CLB Vô tuyến điện nghiệp dư). He is in charge of the relations with the regulatory office, namely the RadioFrequencies Directorate (Cục Tần số Vô tuyến điện).

Please provide him :

  • The Application form properly filled,
  • A photocopy (or fax, or scan file) of your passeport,
  • A photocopy of your visa,
  • A photocopy of your home country license or HAREC certificate.

His address is the following :

VARC – Vietnamese Amateur Radio-Club
President: Nguyễn Bàc Ái, XV2A/3W6AR
11 Bis Nguyen dinh, Chieu Str., District 1, HCM City
Tel : +84 (8) 3 829 4912

You can also send a message to xv2a null@null qscope NULL.org (xv2a null@null qscope NULL.org).
If you don’t have a reply in one week, please leave a comment with your e-mail adress on this page.

Once your request is validated and ready for approval for the administration, you will be asked for the license issuing and management charges payment. After a one to two months delay, you will be send your official license by e-mail or fax and the original will be available to you upon your arrival in Viêt-Nam.

76 thoughts on “HAM Radio Licensing”

  1. Hello MR. NGUYEN BAC AI

    Greetings from Jena in Germany to you in Vietnam.
    My name is Johannes and my call is DF5AU.
    In the last years I operated from various locations on HF.
    Next year I want to visit a good school friend of mine near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. He is not an radio amateur.
    It would be very nice to work for some days from Vietnam on shortwave bands.
    I have a question.
    Is there a possibility to use a clubstation or a rental station in Vietnam ?
    Can you help me ?
    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    Vy 73 de Johannes DF5AU

    Johannes Rötger DF5AU
    email: df5au@darc.de (df5au null@null darc NULL.de)

    Von: dxshack.hiroo@gmail.com (dxshack NULL.hiroo null@null gmail NULL.com) [mailto:dxshack.hiroo@gmail.com] Im Auftrag von Ham Info
    Gesendet: Mittwoch, 8. September 2010 22:40
    An: Rötger, Johannes
    Betreff: Re: XV2AU activity by DF5AU

    Dear OM.

    It is XV2A Mr.Bac AI in HCM. Please contact with him.

    Hiroo 3W2B.
    2010/9/3 Rötger, Johannes
    Hello MR. Hiroo Yonezuka,

    Greetings from Jena in Germany to you in Cambodia.
    My name is Johannes and my call is DF5AU.
    In the last years I operated from various locations on HF.
    Next year I want to visit a good school friend of mine near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. He is not an radio amateur.
    It would be very nice to work for some days from Vietnam on shortwave bands.
    I have a question.
    Is there a possibility to use a clubstation or a rental station in Vietnam ?
    Can you help me ?
    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    Vy 73 de Johannes DF5AU

    Johannes Rötger DF5AU
    email: df5au@darc.de (df5au null@null darc NULL.de)

    Hiroo YONEZUKA
    Box DD153 Huang Sathai VTE Laos

    1. Hi.

      I am not Bac Ai but Yannick XV4TUJ. Nice to meet you.
      There is a club station in Ho Chi Minh City. I will give you Bac Ai e-mail address in a private message so you will be able to arrange with him about licensing and station usage.


    1. Hi Pavel,
      Sorry but WordPress web site was unaccessible for the last days. Once you gave me your e-mail address will answer you by private e-mail.
      Yan – XV4TUJ.

      1. Hi Yan
        Thanks You for answer. You can answer to me to my email address (deleted by webmaster). Apologize I forgot to write it before .
        Thank You 73
        de Pavel OK1FPS

  2. Hello Mr Nguyen Bac Ai
    I am now F5FYO and worked many Dx_peditions in the past; My first call was CX7CT in Uruguay. So I am an 50 year OL’TIMER.
    I am living in Bayonne Biarritz near the Pyrineos Mountain in South FRANCE
    I intend to visit Vietnam from Mid APRIL to Mid JUNE.
    CAN YOU SHOW A PLACE TO HIRE AN STATION ? (Na-Trang; HCM City ;Can_Tho; etc)

  3. Hi,

    My name is Paul (WQ2N). I will be working in Vietnam in May-June 2011. Can I apply for a license, what should I do? Can you contact me via email please? I will be visiting Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, Hoi An, La Trang, and Hanoi for a few days each.


  4. Good Day:
    I have met and visited Mr. Bac Ai over 10 years ago.
    Now I am back in Vietnam for short time.
    I would love another opportunity to meet Mr. Bac Ai or other amatuers in HCMC or Radio Club.
    I am staying in Phy My Hung.
    Cary R. VE4EA

  5. Hi Cary,

    I sent you a private e-mail with Bac Ai contact informations.
    Don’t mind in calling me if you come to Can Tho.

    Yan – XV4TUJ.

  6. Dear Mr Ai – XV2A

    Good day OM, I have tried to find a way to contact you and came across this web site. I have attempted to get a qsl card for a contact we had January, 05, 2010 by sending you sase on three different occasions. Can you please advise if perhaps you now have a qsl manager I could try.

    Thank You, and 73.

    Neil Rowe VA6AK

  7. Xin ciao Mr. Ai,
    i am Alberto, IS0IVG ex XV4IVG .
    How are you ??
    I try to search in my previous number phone and email but i have lost all data ..
    can you help me to contact you ..
    i just return to Vietnam _ Ha Ting Province (Vung Ang Project) and i would like apply for the new licence ..why not if able also the previuos call sign ..
    wait you feedbeck,
    Xin camon

  8. Dear Nguyen,

    Both my wife and I hope you are in good health and happy.

    I will be in Hanoi the first or second week of March for some business.

    In fact, I might return to work in Hanoi for a few years until I retire. Gloria may also teach in the university there and our grandchildren will be staying with us.

    I would like every much to speak with you again.

    You may recall that you helped me obtain the license of XV9AZ .

    I recall that you needed some matched tubes for your amplifier which my wife brought over and we all met in the Hanoi Towers one morning. Let me know if there is anything you or your club may need.

    Currenlty I am in the Middle East in Saudi, but will fly to Hanoi around March 4th.

    I’ll try and get a local sim card and call you, if your number is still current.

    Best regards and wishes

    Bruce Williams

  9. Hello, Mr. Bac Ai,
    I’ve sent you my application for a week ago, but don’t have any response, probably, my letter has been rejected by spam-filter. Please, check your e-mail, so I can resend all needed scans. I arrive to SGN on 9th of May, so, it is very close for now…
    73! Igor, UY5LW.

  10. Hello Mr. Bac Ai,
    I would like to visit and work from Phu Quock Island within a few months. I will appreciate for contact me via e-mail to assist me in license application process.
    Jacek SP5APW

  11. I would like to get a Vietnamese license to use when I return for vacation. My wife is Vietnamese and we return once every few years.

    I’m looking forward to operating ham radio while visiting.

    David Phillips

  12. I have been working with a Vietmanese female student who is in the USA to obtain a graduate degree in engineering. I introduced her to ham radio, and she will have her Extra Class license (highest in USA) in a few days (passed three written exams).

    What are the requirements she would have to meet to obtain a license for HF operation in her home country of Vietnam? I know she looks forward to returning after her degree is received. It sounds like XV2A would be a good person for her to talk with; can you send me his e-mail please?

    Thanks very much!

    73 Ken K5KC

    PS: I have been to Vietnam in 2005, 7, and 9 but did not operate.

    1. Hi Ken.

      Next time you come here don’t mind asking a license or an authorization to operate one of the club stations.

      If she has an HAREC certificate or an american Extra license I think she will be granted a vietnamese license without any kind of trouble, just a photocopy or scan of the license and the usual administrative stuff (copy CMND, copy So Ho Khau,..).
      Ask Bac Ai and he will answer you about that.

      If she needs to pass the examination in Viet-Nam, I know that Bac Ai recently modernized the exam but don’t know exactly the contact. She could contact anh Thu XV9AA who is a young HAM that has recently (less than 2 years I think) passed the exam and is know managing the F-1 cubesat project.

      I will send you both e-mail address in a private e-mail soon.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  13. Hi, 12/7/2011
    I am in HCMC Vietnam with some QRP for 40/80. Have no intentions to operate other than on dx-sb/cw rx but would like to have contact and join society if possible whilst here….maybe access club antenna to use with d/c receiver…..Please email me [e-mail address deleted] with info on possible contact and chat (I speak English and some reasonable french but not Vietnamese, sorry) Tony Clancy VK2MS

    1. Hi Tony,

      I already answered to your other comment.
      If you stay in Saigon, the best is that you contact Bac Ai de XV2A. He is the president of the national radio-club and will introduce you to other people.
      Perhaps you could ask him to operate one of the club stations in HCMC, this could be done easily.

      I will send you his e-mail address in a private message.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  14. Dear Mr Nguyen, nice to talk with you. This my details (from Ham.net site)
    PO BOX 120 Labrador Post office
    Central Street Labrador , Queensland, Q. 4215
    My licence is “full call” which means “unrestricted” or what the Americans call I think “Extra”

    I don’t know if you can save my equipment from being sent back, maybe you could try for me as quickly as possible.
    The contact is Mr Quoc Thai at EMS company His telephone is 08 3845 8999 and extension 380. he knows about the matter of “Radios for Anthony Clancy. My fear is they may already have been sent back to Australia. His email is thaiguyen.ems[arobase_character]gmail.com.

    Bar code on paperwork is EQ01400281AU

    Can you try to call him urgently and explain my situation and why I would have a 40m and 80m QRP radio and be responsible enough as an Amateur not to be transmititng unlawfully.

    Thank , see you also saturday, We will communicate about that also later, Cheers Tony

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I am not Bac Ai de XV2A but Yannick de XV4Y. I already gave you Bac Ai’s email address in a private message.
      I have no power upon your trouble for importing radios in VN. Perhaps Bac Ai has some connections there but I doubt he could do anything if you have not asked a license before trying to import the radios…
      You should have taken the rigs in hand luggages, it is easier this way.
      Try to e-mail XV2A to the address I gave you…

      73 and GL,

  15. Hello 73 to everybody,

    I’m planning to go Vietnam from 11/08/2011 until 16/08/2011.

    Is it possible to meet Vietnamese ham radio people during my trip ?

    My email : f4aar@free.fr (f4aar null@null free NULL.fr)

    73 to all.


    1. Bonjour Laurent,

      Tout dépend où vous serez. Il sera peut-être trop court pour vous obtenir une licence, mais vous pourrez sans trop de difficultés obtenir l’autorisation pour utiliser la station d’un autre OM si elle est déclarée en tant que “station-club”.
      Cherchez à contacter des OM tels que 3W6LI, XV9AA ou XV3AA… dont vous devriez trouver les e-mails dans QRZ.com.
      Pour ma part, je suis à Can Tho dans le delta du Mékong.
      Je vais vous envoyer en message privé l’adresse e-mail de NGUYEN Bac Ai de XV2A, le président du VARC. C’est lui qu’il faut voir pour obtenir les papiers nécessaires une fois que vous vous êtes mis d’accord avec un autre OM.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  16. Hi Yan,
    I am author of the Callsign Directory published by German DARC. It covers callsign systems from countries around the world. I am interested in getting precise information on the prefix numbers in Vietnam. They are obviously based on the 56 provinces. But which number is used in the which province?
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Vy 73
    Hans, DK5JI

  17. Chao bac Ai,
    Con ten la Q Huong. Co mot bac nguoi Nhat ten la Harada rat muon tham gia vao CLB cua minh. Hom truoc con co dan bac ay den nha bac nhung khong gap vi bac dang di du lich cung voi gia dinh. May hom nay con da dien thoai rat nhieu lan nhung khong duoc. Neu bac nhan duoc tin xin danh chut thoi gian lien lac voi con:
    Q Huong: 0909707781.

    PS: Bac Harada co giay chung nhan thanh vien CLB Radio tai Nhat.

  18. Mr Nguyen Back Ai
    I am called JA1BAE and my name is Nobukazu Omura.
    I think that I want to enjoy ham life following the amateur radio license of Vietnam, by all means,
    to spend half in a/the person month with Noi Bai until December, 2014,
    as the engineer of the 2nd Noi Bai airport terminal construction works.
    Please lend me power.
    I have already passed to Noi Bai from every other week Japan now.
    I think that I want to receive and check it to you,
    because I prepared even such a document that receives a/the license in Vietnam.
    If you are good the application document that turned PDF with mail do send and be good?

    1. Hi Nobu-San.

      I am honored you visit this website and pleased you will come to Viet-Nam for the Noi Bai terminal project.
      You should write directly to M Bac Ai using the following e-mail address : xv2a@radioclub.asia (xv2a null@null radioclub NULL.asia) .
      He will sure help you in getting the information about the license.

      You should also read this page :

      Looking forward to have QSO with you.
      Yan – XV4Y.

  19. Hallo Yan
    I sent an application document to Mr. Ai Back in accordance with your advice and requested the check.
    Thank you.

  20. Hi,

    I am a Vietnamese from Hanoi and seriously interested in getting an amateur ham radio license. Please advice me how to get the license.

    Currently I am only do some listening by my scanner IC-r20 and IC-r2 and really interested in doing real ham radio. Please also advice me which popular transceiver devices I should purchase for connecting others in Vietnam.

    It is nice to know club. I thought I was lonely in this area. I really hope that the club can help me to start enjoying this hobby.

    Thank you for your help.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards
    Son P

    1. Chao anh Son,

      Sorry for taking so long to answer but I am currently in holidays and was not able to check the e-mails.
      You should contact Bac Ai XV2A as he will give you all the details about the examination.
      Thu XV9AA is in Hanoi and perhaps you can contact him to have more information about HAM Radio. He is busy with the F1 satellite project but I am sure he will help you.

      I will send you a private e-mail with their contact informations.

      Hope to hear you soon on the bands.
      Yan – XV4Y (in Can Tho).

  21. Hello MR. NGUYEN BAC AI

    Greetings from Ardsiri fromThailand to you in Vietnam.
    My name is Ardsiri and my call is HS1JQP & KB3BQW
    In this time I stay in Hai Phong until Nov 2012
    Is it possible to meet Vietnamese ham radio people during my trip ?
    Can you help me ?
    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    Vy 73 de Ardsiri HS1JQP

    1. Dear OM Ardsiri,

      You should try to contact XV1X or XV9NPS who are in the north. I think they are closer to Ha Noi than Hai Phong, but perhaps they know amateur radio operators who live in this area.

      Best 73,
      Yan – XV4Y (Can Tho).

        1. Sorry but I don’t have phone numbers… Have a look on QRZ.com and you should find their e-mail addresses however.


  22. Dear Yan.
    I will find on QRZ..com again. I have question for radio if send from Thailand by DHL can ship this to Vietnam or not.

  23. Hello Yan,
    Can you advise is it necessary to have a visitor visa to visit your country, if so can this be done online?

    What is the cost of a short term holiday visitor transmitting licence, I hold full operating priviliges in the UK?

    Is it necessary to pre register equipment that I would bring with me?

    I await your kind response.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi John,

      It depends from where you come from but if from Europe or the Americas, yes you need a visa.
      There is several way of obtaining a visa but no “online” request direct to the immigration. However, if buying a comprehensive package from a vietnamese travel agent, you can ask for a “visa on arrival”. The cost for 1 month 1 entry tourist visa is usually 25 USD for the visa and 20 USD for the agent.

      The cost of the license depend on the number of bands you want to operate. Licenses are fixe only so if you want to apply for several location you will need to ask several licenses. It also depend on the time but 1 month is the minimum duration.
      This you should ask Bac Ai XV2A who is the VARC president and manage the applications. You have his e-mail address at the beginning of the page.

      Yes you will have to declare what equipment you want to operate when applying for the license. It will also help you with the customs if they want to check what you want to do with the equipment.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  24. Dear Mr. Bac Ai,
    Greetings from California! I will be in Vietnam in a few days and am interested in obtaining a license and operating from XV in HCMC or Can Tho. I would appreciate contact information for licensing and stations I could operate from. I will bring my current US license with me. Please advise what else I need to do before I depart.

    1. Hi Doug,

      Usually obtaining a licenses takes at least 1 month.
      However, if you only plan to operate from “club stations” (rental shack) then there is a simplified procedure.
      You should ask Bac Ai to his email address about that : xv2a@radioclub.asia (xv2a null@null radioclub NULL.asia) .

      Regarding my rental shack in Can Tho, it is available to my B&B guests. Depending on your needs, price is 10 USD per day.
      More details here : http://nature-mekong.com/public/en/sur_mesure/ham_radio

      Yan – XV4Y.

  25. Your website gives at least to e-mail-adresses. Both of them are apparently wrong:

    xv2a@radioclub.asia (xv2a null@null radioclub NULL.asia) or xv2@radio-club.asia (xv2 null@null radio-club NULL.asia)? Which one is wrong? Both of them!

    Please adjust your e-Mail-service! That’s all time taking and annoying .

    Thanks, HB9DUF

    1. Dear Christoph,

      Where did you actually see xv2@radio-club.asia (xv2 null@null radio-club NULL.asia). I have searched on the website but see this nowhere.
      We actually received your e-mail but this is a hobby for us and we all have other obligations like work and family. Please take it easy and let us answer you.

      Anyhow, I am sorry if you had a bad day, but this is no reason to be rude.
      Answering to you is also time taking and annoying, and I have reward for it except friendship with fellow HAM and the love of the hobby.

      Yan – XV4Y (VARC webmaster).

  26. Hi I have just arrived in Hanoi and I am looking to buy some UHF handsets here. Can someone point me in the right direction to a shop street or market where I can buy these. Thanks Toby.

  27. Dear Yan,
    I will be in Vietnam on business trip beginning of next month and will stay in Haiphong 2-3 weeks.
    Please let me know if is possible to obtain XV license in this short time (2 weeks). I don’t have visa and will make visa on arrival.
    Thank you in advance,


    1. Hi Andy,

      Unfortunately I am not in charge of licenses.
      You should contact XV2A or XV2B about this.
      3 weeks is short however as usually the turnaround for issuing the license from the ministry is around 1 month.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  28. Today I get some comment from ARRL detail as below :
    Watch Out for Pirates!
    The Daily DX reports that some pirate stations have been on the bands claiming to be in Vietnam. Apparently bogus call signs are 3WØIUR and 3WØPQE. Also questionable are XV8LNS on 20 meters (JT65), XV2PC on 15 meters (PSK31), XV2PTEOTL on 15 meters (PSK31), and XV2M on 20 meters (JT65 and SSB). The Daily DX says other call signs believed to be pirates are XV3DCM, 3W2LGY, and 3W4RJF. In addition someone has been using the call sign XV2T on 15 meters CW, but the real XV2T does not operate CW.

    I dont’ know who make this. but this case not so good for Vietnamese Amateur Radio Club.

  29. Hello MR. NGUYEN BAC AI

    Greetings from Gayan 4s6ggs in Srilanka to you in Vietnam.
    My name is Gayan and my call is 4S6GGS.
    friend of mine near Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnamjust i visit in 2013.09.26 . He is not an radio amateur.
    It would be very nice to work for some days from Vietnam on shortwave bands 2m .VHF Band and HF band ….. make some project in APRS 0094788911209 in viber my web site …. http://www.qsl.net/4s5gs/

  30. Today I here callsign : XV2QGF ON 21.227Mhz 10.00 UTC
    this callsign is correct or not

  31. Dear Mr. Bac Ai,
    I would like to meet you and speak to you. I am at HCM University of Science for lecturing now.
    Can you, please, call me on my Vietnam number 0933.984.093 ?

    OK1FJ Tom

  32. Dear All ..
    yesterday I here about call sign 3W4DK and 3W1D on 20M Band.
    this call sign is correct and have Licensing or not ..

    Thank you

  33. Hello MR. NGUYEN BAC AI

    I send application form and related files via E-Mail to you.
    I will stay very short time(5days) end-of-July and I hope to operate when I will visit Vietnam if I can.

    I need you help.

    Yoshimitsu Kikuchi

    1. Dear Yoshimitsu,

      We received your application.
      Mr Bac Ai is who is handling the licensing.
      He might be busy right now.
      If you don’t receive any answer in the coming week, please try to resend your e-mail.

      Yan – XV4Y.

      1. Dear Yan-san,

        Thank you for your promptly response and confirmed my application that the application has been reached.
        I would like to wait reply.

        Yoshimitsu Kikuchi

  34. Hi Yan – XV4Y,

    I am a U.S. ham radio operator, visiting a friend in Vietnam this week. I have a QSL card to deliver to a Vietnamese ham radio operator, XV2RZ, from a U.S. ham, Steve – N7VS.

    Would the best way to get it to him be to bring it to 11 Bis Nguyen dinh, Chieu Str., District 1, HCM City?

    Allie- KE7OOJ

    1. Hi Allie,

      XV2RZ is no vietnamese. He is Reijo OH4MDY and only come to VN for a few weeks a year.
      The address is your give is the HQ of the VARC, the national association, and home of XV2A, president of the VARC.
      As we have no QSL bureau, it is useless to go there for QSLing purpose.
      N7VS should send his QSL card to OH4MDY in Finland…

      You may be able to operate from XV2A or 3W6LI (in Vung Tau) shack if you like.
      Fees for daily “guest operator license” are low.
      However please do contact Mr Bac Ai before as he might not be at home if you visit him without informing him before.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  35. Hi Mr. Yan!
    How are you?
    My name is Michelle Tram. My callsign is KI6ZWG. I will visit my family close to Da Nang City on August 6, 2014. I know it is too late to apply a Ham License in Viet Nam but I would like to take a chance to contact or meet the active hams around the city during the time I being in Viet Nam. Do you know any one? Could you help me, please!
    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    Michelle Tram

    1. Dear Michelle,

      I hope you will enjoy your stay with your family.
      Next time you’re coming, don’t forget to apply for a license a few months before coming.

      Unfortunately there is not a very active community of HAM radio ops as in other countries, no radio-club where to hold meetings.
      In HCMC I know severa HAMs you would be able to meet at their home, but not in Da Nang. If one day you come to Can Tho, please send me an email so we will have time to drink a coffee together.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  36. Dear Mr. Yan,
    Thank you so much for your answer. Yes, I will have it ready next time.
    My family and I are excited and happy coming home. We’re not sure to have time to visit South VN, if possible, We will definitely contact you and other Hams. I don’t have your email address, could you reply to my email?
    Hope you and your family doing well.
    Michelle Tram

    1. Hi,

      You can find my e-mail on QRZ.com or write to me through this website.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  37. H,My name is Peter Julian Broughan.
    My wife and i are thinking about coming to Vietnam in Oct 2015.

    I am an amateur radio operator and Callsign ( unrestrited ) is vK3BPJ.I have not been on air for many years.my novice call is VK3PJB.
    Could you please inform me of licence fees.
    I have never been to Vietnam , and would like to use Ham Radio,Are we permitted to use Hand held radios.
    if i was able to get licence,I would like to have PJB in call ,as this is my three initials,,I am also into 1010 international,number being 30230.
    I am also President of Longwarry and District Lions club.
    It would be nice if we could meet oher lion members
    Peter Julian Broughan.

    1. Dear Peter Julian,

      Licence fees are variable, depending on duration and bands you’d like to apply for.
      Yes you are permitted to use Hand Held radios, but VHF/UHF activity is close to inexistent, so it would be of no use.
      Please also note that there are no portable or mobile operating allowed in Viet-Nam.
      Licenses are for a given location. You can have secondary locations written on the license, but all should be in the same prefix area as you have to apply separately for each prefix area.

      Please contact Mr Bac Ai XV2A to the e-mail provided for more details.

      Yannick – XV4Y.

      1. I am David Brubacker, N3NWA. I plan to visit Ho Chi Minh City in November 2016. How do I get a license, and is there a club station I can visit/use?


  38. Please consider becoming a signatory to TR 61-01, this will make it a lot easier for people to operate in Vietnam. Waiting months for a license is just not doable in many cases. I am on a ship right now, and I will be there in about two weeks. What a shame.


    Paul, G7KES/MM.

  39. Dear Mr. Nguyễn Bàc Ái
    I will operate under my Cambodain callsign XU7AKB in the first two weeks of August 2016 an amateur radio station from Cambodia. In August I would have time to visit you in person and bring all the necessary papers with me (my Swiss license, Passport, Vietnamese Visa etc.). Do you think there is a chance for me to obtain a Vietnamese license and callsign this trip?
    And my second question: can I take my transceiver over the border from Cambodia to Vietnam without having the license first?
    Please reply as soon as possible. Yours Steff Gruber HB9FXL / XU7AKB

  40. Dear Bac Ai, or other person in charge,

    I am visiting Vietnam this August and had made an application for Vietnamese ham license under consultation by Mr. Bac Ai, XV2A. On July 22 Bac Ai kindly sent me an email, in which he notified that lisence was issued for me, and asked me to which he shall send the license. I asked him to send my license to my hotel. Since then I received no response from him and my hotel did not receive my license.

    Could anyone further arrange my license? I am departing for Vietnam in a few days.

    Thank Bac Ai and all for your attention on this matter.

    Sincerely yours,


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  42. Dear Sirs;
    I am planning to visit the Con Son Island, Vietnam, for the sightseeing from 29th of April until 4th of May.
    During this visit, I have already reserved the hotel at following allocation. Also, I would like to apply for the license to enjoy amateur wireless communication.
    :Six Senses Con Dao HOTEL
    :Dat Doc Site, Con Dao District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, Vietnam
    :+84 64 3831 222

    5days ago I Send Email to “xv2a@qscope.org” Please check.
    Thank you very much for your favor. I will announce how beautiful the Con Son Island is.
    Best regards,


  43. Dear Mr NGUYỄN Bác Ái.
    I sent my application form plus all documents needed 3 weeks ago.
    Have you received anything yet please ?
    Thank you for your cooporation.
    F5TMJ op Laurent in HCM.

    1. Bonjour Laurent,

      Je suis Yannick ZL4YY (ex XV4Y), webmestre du site.
      Apparemment M Bac Ai ne lit plus l’adresse e-mail qu’il avait sur Yahoo et utilise une nouvelle sur GMail : aibac.xv2a@gmail(dot)com.
      Vous devriez essayer avec cette adresse.
      Quelques infos ici:

      Yan – ZL4YY.

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