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Oceania DX Contest 2020

I was asked by Geoff ZL3GA to share this information with XV/3W stations.

Once a year in October the global amateur radio community is presented with the opportunity to partake in one of the world’s oldest radio contests, the Oceania dx contest. First established in 1934 and earlier known as the VK/ZL contest, It is one of the most prestigious on the contesting calendar. Mark the dates in October for both Phone & CW, note the new operating times and join us for an event you will long remember.

PHONE: 06:00 UTC Saturday 3rd Oct to 06:00 UTC Sunday 4th Oct 2020

CW: 06:00 UTC Saturday 10th Oct to 06:00 UTC Sunday 11th Oct 2020

Below is a short summary of the rules.


RS(T) report plus a progressive contact serial number starting at 001 M2 and MM entries are to use a separate serial number for each band. 

Full rules

Full Rules are at


The aim of the contest is to promote HF contacts with stations in the Oceania region, i.e., 9M6, DU, KH6, VK, ZL, YB, Pacific Islands and all other Oceania entities.


The object is for:

  • Oceania transmitting stations to contact stations both inside and outside  Oceania. 
  • Non-Oceania transmitting stations to contact stations inside Oceania. 
  • Oceania receiving (SWL) stations to copy contest stations inside and outside Oceania.
  • Non-Oceania receiving (SWL) stations to copy contest stations inside the Oceania region.


Each QSO is credited twenty points on 160M; ten points on 80M; five points on 40M; one point on 20M; two points on 15M; and three points on 10M. 


The multiplier is the number of different valid prefixes worked. Note that the same prefix may be counted once on each band for multiplier credit.


The final score is the sum of the Contact Points multiplied by the Multiplier 


Electronic logs are preferred and are mandatory for stations logging more than 50 contacts.

Electronic logs are to be submitted in Cabrillo format. 

Submit your Cabrillo log file using the on-line submission form on the web site at 

3W3XX and 3W3DAY DX informations

I had to wait until I had confirmation from the operators, and unfortunately they were busy travelling in Asia.

Alex LZ4AX (https://www NULL.qrz and his fiancée were operating in central Vietnam as 3W3XX and 3W3DAY respectively. Operation was around IARU HF contest dates but it was more a tourist trip with a  radio than a DXpedition. They nonetheless managed to log more than 1300 QSOs.

No QSL information by now, but you can contact him via homecall.