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Vietnamese Amateur Radio-Club
CLB Vô tuyến điện nghiệp dư

On this website, you can find information about the Vietnamese Amateur Radio-Club and Radio Amateur activities in Vietnam.

Details on how foreigner HAM Radio operators can apply for a vietnamese HAM license can be find on this page.

VARC – Vietnamese Amateur Radio-Club
President: Nguyễn Bàc Ái, XV2A/3W6AR
11 Bis Nguyen dinh, Chieu Str., District 1, HCM City
Tel : +84 (8) 3 829 4912
Additional contact information is available on the following page.

You can also send a message to xv2a@qscope.org (xv2a null@null qscope NULL.org).
If you don’t have a reply in one week, please leave a comment with your e-mail adress on this page.

54 thoughts on “About VARC”

  1. Good morning,
    I am in Ho Chi Minh City for a while.

    I wondered if there are any stores who sell amateur radio equipment here.

    If so I will buy some and see about getting a licence here.

    All the best


    Gary Crawford VK8GC
    from Darwin, Australia

    1. Hi Gary,

      Well, no HAM dedicated store, but some “Marine Radio” and other “Security Radio” stores that can also import and sell radioamateur stuff.
      If you are in HCMC go for this two May Bo Dam and Mecom.
      Normally if you bring HAM radio devices in your luggages, no problem at HCMC airport, so it could be interesting to buy a rig abroad (Singapore or Hong Kong, but Singapore flight ticket is cheaper).
      I am also used to buy kits and electronic parts abroad. Mail shipping is really efficient and I never paid taxes. I don’t know the policy for commercial equipments… Keep me informed about your choice and experience.
      About the HAM licence, I will give you chu Ai e-mail in a private message. It is usually quick to have a licence, around 1 month. If you are here for a short stay, perhaps too late, but for a long stay it is ok.

      Yan – XV4TUJ.

  2. Good morning Viet Nam!!

    I am going to work in Hanoi in January 2011 for two years at least.
    I would like to apply my Ham radio license, once I get my visa.

    Please let me know two things.
    1) Which prefix can I get XV7 or 3W7 ?
    2) Is the prefix number in Hanoi 7(seven)?

    I am filling my application form and I am wondering of proposed call sign.

    Thanks and best regards
    73 for now.

    Ken Mizusaki
    JA2LLK also 3D2LL, JR6LL

  3. Hi my radio gear which was to go on to another coutry later has been returned to Australia (so I am told…no direct contact) if it was NEW that would be ok but secondhand no way One can only wonder….and the hudred dollars postage back if it ever gets to me again…?? The Vietnam Amateur Radio club didn’t answer my letters asking for translation assistance about Ham Radio……and I had no intentions of transmitting here. Not being able to receive is a minor issue really, what happens to the gear and how the decisions are made without personal contact of proper explanation being given to competent people in the comm’s area is another altogether. Voila.

    1. Hi Anthony,

      I am sorry about that. I don’t know by which transport mean you were willing to bring your gear to VN.
      Recently, I have not been aware of any HAM having troubles bringing “travel sized” radio gear in hand luggage to Viêt-Nam. At least at HCMC airport.
      For big DXpeditions, an introduction letter could be required and Bac Ai de XV2A is always willing to help. Unfortunately, he has been really busy during the lasts weeks and perhaps was not given the time to handle your case.

      Bringing things by sea or land could be harder though, immigration and customs there are sometime tough.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  4. Hi Mr.President.

    Congratulate for the growth of VARC. Hope you still remember me. We first met in Beijing and VARC is not growing more than Thailand.. hi

    I’d like to ask about the 15th IARU conference. I think it is supposed to be somewhere in the late part of the year. I wish to attend and do hope it will be in the early part of the even month, [eg August.. hi] which would not conflict with my job.

    I am studying F-1 Project to introduce to Thai hams

    Thank you


    1. Hi Thida,

      I have transmitted your message to Mr Bac Ai XV2A.

      Yan, XV4Y – VARC Webmaster.


    any email address of a ham from HCMC? TNX

    1. Hi,

      Please contact M Bac Ai XV2A if you’d like to have more details about HAM radio in Saigon.

      Yan – XV4Y (in Can Tho).

  6. I live in Hanoi, is Ohata of XV9NPS.
    I have a question.
    Are you sure you want to print the logo of VARC to QSL card?
    Please tell me how to add the current 10Mhz, there is a three-year license.
    A license for 50Mhz
    Is 53Mhz ~ 54Mhz.
    Can I change the 50Mhz ~ 54Mhz?
    Please answer best regards.
    Ohata Fumitaka XV9NPS

  7. Dear Yan.
    Currently, Mr. Mr.Bac or not in the hospital?
    I have heard, but also remain broken PC?
    Contact us for questions does not come yet?
    Thanks and best regards,
    xv9nps fumitaka ohata

    1. Dear Ohata,

      I have no exact information about the current health situation of our estimated Bac Ai.
      However I know that he was not able to read his emails those last week but he is no answering by phone.
      If your questions are not urgent, please be patient and wait a few more days so he recovers.

      73 and enjoy DX in Vietnam,
      Yan – XV4Y.

  8. To: xv2a@radioclub.asia (xv2a null@null radioclub NULL.asia)

    Dear friends

    Please inform me about the licence costs for the following equipment:

    1) Monoband-Transceiver for the 20-m-band only; transmitter 5 Watt; CW only.
    2) Multiband-Transceiver 10-, 12-, 15-, 17-, 20-, 40-, 80- and 160-m-band; transmitter 100 Watt; CW, SSB and PSK31.

    I have a five-years-visa-exemption in my passport.

    What cost/s three months / one month ?

    Yours sincerely

    Christoph Baer, HB9DUF, hcbaer@vtxmail.ch (hcbaer null@null vtxmail NULL.ch)

    I am sorry to see that your e-mail is broken. As an international standard, e-mail should always work and be maintained.


    1. Dear Christoph,

      We received your e-mail and someone will answer it as soon as he have time to do so.
      This is a hobby for all of us.
      As an international standard, HAM should always be polite and kind to each other.

      Yan – XV4Y (VARC webmaster).

  9. Dear Yan.
    I changed the address.
    How do I procedural.
    Thanks and best regards,
    xv9nps Fumitaka. Ohata

  10. Dear Yan.
    Now I stay In Haiphong also callsign : XV5HS
    If I go out for portable in Iisland , I can use my radio in this case or not.

    73 De XV5HS

    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately, radio operation are more restricted than in Thailand.
      Your license is tied to one operating location, and no mobile is allowed.
      You can ask Bac Ai if a modification of the license is possible, but that will imply to declare all the place you want to go…
      Listening is free however, so you can bring your equipment only for listening, not transmitting.
      Take care that the local authorities could not understand what you are doing and can you to shut down your station, even with a proper license.

      Enjoy DX!
      Yan – XV4Y.

  11. Dear Yan.
    Thank you for this information. I will contact to Bac Ai about this.
    If can modification of the license also good for me.
    Ardsiri , XV5HS

  12. Now I have plan for Iota contest on end of July.
    For this if I go to Gat Ba Island for portable and get new license.
    How to make it? And also have some people from Thailand come to joint.
    We also need new license for them for this trip.
    Stay in here around 1 week.

  13. Hello today I will help XV1X to setup APRS software on his PC
    APRS system can be use only with internet connection without a radio !!
    All is free Software and maps works great for DX stations and beam heading.
    See this link what is APRS http://vk4go.net/aprswhat.htm
    If someone like to try it please contact me via Email or Skype.

    Email: vk4go1@tpg.com.au (vk4go1 null@null tpg NULL.com NULL.au)
    Skype ID: ja1ogs
    73 de Art.

  14. I just make new APRS maps for Vietnam area and Hanoi city
    Software name is UI-View, there is also a Droid version
    See my download webpage http://vk4go.net/dl.htm
    Remember all is free a GPS or Radio not needed.
    APRS is also on HF 10.147.600KHz USB

    73 again de Art

  15. I am about purchasing my first radio for starting this hobby. Could you please recommend me which radio is best suitable for beginner as well as for long term use. My budget is maximum of 2000USD, but the cheaper is the better. Should I buy a mobile one or a base station?

    I already own a Yeasu FT-60E dual band, 1 Icom IC-R20 and 1 Icom IC-R5. But these are just for my listening hobby only…

    So I am currently considering buying the Yaesu 897D; ICOM 718 or ICOM 7000; Kenwood TS-480… I am absolutely novice in HF radio so please advice me which one or other radio is best buy for my situation (beginner but aiming for long term use so got enough basic and advance functions for more professional use)….

    Thank you for your help.
    Kind regards
    Son Pham

    1. Dear Son Pham,

      This is a quite hard question to answer and very subjective.
      All depend on your interest and the place you want to operate from.
      If you want to operate from VN, you cannot go mobile and portable is not easy. Also, you cannot take your radio to Thailand or Indonesia and operate without asking a license…
      Then, a mobile is not very interesting because usually their performances are lesser and the ergonomic is sometime tiring.
      A base station is usually more expensive but have better performances and more “knobs and buttons” giving quick access to the commands and settings of the radio.

      If you operate from VN, VHF and upper are not very interesting because you have few HAM stations to talk with.
      You can do satellite communications but radios like FT-857/FT-897 or IC-7000/7100 are not very good for satellite because they don’t allow for full duplex and easy doppler correction on both channels.
      If you want to operate satellite, the Kenwood TS-2000 is very cheap and has good performances. For HF it is now an old radio and many other transceivers perform far better, but it is still ok and good on VHF/UHF/SHF.

      Here my own opinion for a beginner radio is to buy a Kenwood TS-480. The TS-590s is better but maybe too complex to use for a beginner.
      IC-718 is old and only ok for simple HF traffic. Not a bad radio, but for the money you can have better.
      FT-897D is ok but old radio too and ergonomic not very good. Good if you want something “all in one”.
      IC-7410 is good too, but perhaps too expensive for you.

      You will also need to buy a 25A power supply. You can find some in VN for 2-3M VND.

      If you plan to buy your transceiver in Viet-Nam, then the only models I know available are IC-718, TS-480 and TS-2000.
      If you can go to Singapore you will have more choice and better prices. You can visit Mr Phua at Blazer Electronic and tell you’ve been recommended by me. Call him by phone before and check the price and the availability.

      Last thing. The most important for radio are the antennas!!! You can have the best radio but it does nothing without a good antenna.
      You can build antenna yourself, but keep money for the antennas, it is the more important!

      Looking forward to see you soon on the air!
      Yan – XV4Y.

    2. Dear Son Pham.
      If you operate from VN, VHF and upper are not very interesting because you have few HAM stations to talk with. But you can use satellite mode and EME mode in here if you have space for install antenna. For my opinion about radio I think separate radio all better than 1 radio. The important for radio are the antennas! You can have the best radio but it does nothing without a good antenna. You can make it your self .
      Now I stay in Hai Phong I hope to see you on the air soon.
      If your stay near this I can help you for make antenna
      and some equipment.
      73 De XV5HS

  16. Hello from America this is KG4AOS. I was in Vietnam last year in 2013. I brought a shortwave receiver but didn’t have a chance to make any transmissions. Next time I visit Vietnam I’d like to visit the club. 73 – KG4AOS

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for you message.
      If you want to operate a few days from a rental shack, no need for a license.
      However, if you’d like to apply for your own callsign, please make the request at least 2-3 months before your trip.

      Yan – XV4Y.

      1. Hi, i will be in Ho chi Minh 21/04/2014 and i’d like to get a ham radio licence. Can you help me?
        luca ik4gnh

        1. Dear Luca,

          Yes you have enough time before you to have a license.
          Please send an e-mail to M Bac Ai XV2A xv2a@radioclub.asia (xv2a null@null radioclub NULL.asia) with the appropriate information.

          Yan – XV4Y.

  17. Dear Yan.
    Please tell me the procedure how to change of address.
    xv9nps Fumitaka Ohata

    1. Hi dear friend,

      Well, officially I think you have to ask for a new license. License are location dependent (like for mobile phone relays).
      If you are in Hanoi, perhaps you should go to the Radio Frequency Center in Hanoi and ask if a license modification is possible.
      Take a photocopy of your license with you…
      Address: 115 Tran Duy Hung St., Cau Giay Dis., Ha Noi
      + Tel: 844. 35564919/ Fax: 844. 35564913

      Yan – XV4Y.

  18. Hello is here someone who can give me the new current email address from XV9AA (Thu) in Hanoi

    The email address in Qrz Callbook is not working it bounce back.
    73 de Art

    1. Hello Art,
      Please contact me via my new email address vutrongthu@gmail.com (vutrongthu null@null gmail NULL.com)

      73 de Thu

  19. I visited HCMC representing ARSI as an observer in the IARU-R3 Conference. I am going to be there again for 3 days from the 7 to 9 Sept 2015 for attending a meeting in Hotel Sheraton. Will possibly try to contact again and would like an eyeball QSO with some of you.


    Ramesh Kumar
    Amateur Radio Society of India

    1. Dear Ramesh,

      You should try to contact Mr Bac Ai XV2A or Mr Bui XV2B directly to their e-mail address.
      If you come to Can Tho, please inform me and we will try to meet.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  20. Dear Yan (or anyone else?)
    I wonder if you can help? We are the Vung Tau Hash House Harriers (www.vungtauhash.com) and our VHF/UHF walkie talkies don’t work very well in dense jungle. I’m not a ham but spent 12 years in the British Army as a radio operator and I’m wondering if you might know anywhere in Vietnam we might be able to purchase a couple of portable HF radio transceivers?

    1. Hi Martin,

      Yes, VHF/UHF transmissions in dense vegetations car have their range shorten a lot.
      Doing NVIS transmissions in HF can solve the problem, but only with high power and/or decently sized antennas, which renders portable operation difficult.

      Please send me a copy of your the radio licence you got from the Radio Frequency Management Office and I will tell you which kind of equipment you can use.
      Is it a commercial licence ?
      By the way, they will also advise you as some frequencies might be restrained in Ba Ria / Vung Tau.

      Radio Frequency Control Center No.2
      Address: Block 6- Zone E, An Phu – An Khanh urban zone, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCM City
      Tel: 84.8.37404179
      Fax: 84.8.37404966
      Email: tt2@rfd.gov.vn (tt2 null@null rfd NULL.gov NULL.vn)


  21. Hello,
    I will traveling to Vietnam in April 2016 and would like to operate using the VARC Radio Station. Is this possible or do I need to apply for a license and bring my own equipment?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Dennis,

      You should contact Mr Bac Ai XV2A because the VARC station is located at his house.
      If you receive no answers after several week please try to contact XV2B, VARC secretary.

      Yan – XV4Y.

  22. HI, i am working in long an province for 3 years already. i want to have an amateur license. is it possible i get it here in Vietnam because i dont have enough time to get it from Philippines because if i have vacation i just stay there for 10 days and i really like to become a licensed amateur radio enthusiasts..

    1. Hi,

      I advise you to contact XV2B or XV2A who will inform you on how to pass the exam in HCMC.
      I you’re fluent in Vietnamese, you can find the exam questions banks online on this website.
      They’re inspired from the Australian examination questions, so if you prefer to work in english, you can also use Australian books.
      However, I think the examination should be done in English, please check this with Mr Bac Ai (XV2A) or Mr Bui (XV2B).

      Yan – XV4Y.

  23. Bonsoir
    Très heureux d’avoir découvert votre site. Dommage que vous n’ayez pas de page Facebook afin de rejoindre la communauté des Radio Amateurs. Mes meilleurs 73 à tous d’Alger Algérie de Toufik 7X2DE

    1. Salut Toufik,

      Désolé mais nous n’avons pas trop le temps de maintenir une page Facebook.

      Yannick ZL4YY/XV4Y/F1TUJ.

  24. Bonjour,

    Je vis à Saigon depuis un an et demi, et m’intéresse depuis récemment à la radio amateur (je viens plutôt de l’électronique et de l’informatique).

    J’aimerais me former aux techniques de radioélectricité puis passer la licence. Je suis donc ravi de trouver ce club.

    1) est-ce possible au Vietnam, pour un étranger, de passer les examens?
    2) est-il possible de la passer en anglais (ou français… mais je ne suis encore clairement pas au point pour le faire en vietnamien…)
    3) si je me ré-établis en France plus tard, y a-t-il un système de reconnaissance mutuelle, ou d’équivalence, qui me permettrait d’obtenir un indicatif français avec ma licence vietnamienne éventuelle?

    En vous remerciant,


    1. Bonjour Cedric,

      Il faudrait contacter M Bac Ai (XV2A) ou M Huy (XV2B) pour avoir une reponse officielle.
      A ma connaissance, l’examen pour un etranger est possible, mais sera fait en vietnamien. Tout depend donc de votre niveau de vietnamien.
      La licence vietnamienne ne sera pas reconnue en France.

      Comme le fait d’avoir une licence francaise (reconnue comme certificat HAREC) permet d’avoir une licence vietnamienne, mon conseil est donc de plutot de passer la licence en France.
      Je ne connais pas les formalites actuelles pour la licence francaise.

      Yannick – ZL4YY (ex XV4Y).

  25. Bonjour Yannick,

    Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse. Pourrais-je avoir, en MP, l’email de M Bac Ai ou de M Bui?

    Sinon, de toute façon j’ai beaucoup à apprendre avant de passer les examens juridique et technique, ainsi que sur la pratique générale radioamateur, donc la première chose à faire serait probablement de me former puis éventuellement de passer l’examen lors d’un séjour en France (les épreuves en elles mêmes sont elles difficiles à plannifier et longues à passer? ).

    Je suis actuellement en France jusqu’à fin juin mais du coup je prendrai surement contact avec le club en personne en rentrant sur Saigon.

    Merci beaucoup,


  26. bonjour Yannick
    je dois me rendre l’an prochain au Vietnam et j aurais voulu connaitre les conditions de transmission la-bas ? restriction ?
    Et aussi savoir auprès de qui faire les démarches !
    je dois me rendre dans le delta du Mekong près de BEN TRE pour 3 semaines et j’aimerais transmettre depuis la-bas !
    merci d’avance

  27. Greetings…

    I have just arrived in Hanoi, and have been assigned callsign XV9VK (13.8vmy home call is KH6VK). I’m happy to be here!

    Unfortunately, my Kenwood power supply doesn’t work…I’m afraid it got damaged in my luggage (I carried the radio itself in my carry-on).

    Can anyone provide the name of a store in Hanoi that sells power supplies? I need a 13.8 VDC output at about 20-23 amps.


    Steve Herrington

    1. Hi Steve.
      I am not in VN anymore and never lived in Hanoi, but if you google “cua hang may bo dam ha noi” or just “may bo dam ha noi” you should be able to find a few addresses.
      Yan – ZL4YY / XV4Y

  28. Bây giờ mình mới biết ở Việt Nam cũng có ham. Có ai ở Mỹ muốn lập chi nhánh VARC không?

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