Changes in band plan for Radioamateur in Vietnam

This is already old news but it is now official. Following the new national radio band plan published in november 2013 and signed by the president, several changes are noticeable. Band plan table starts on page 27.

Vietnamese HAM operators can now operate between 7100 KHz and 7200 KHz (in addition to 7000-7100 KHz previously) and also have the full 30 meters band allocated for amateur service (10100 KHz to 10150 KHz). 80 meters band is also allocated from 3500 to 3900 KHz (instead of 3800 KHz). More remarkably, the MF are also authorized on 472-479 KHz (600 meters) in addition to 1800-2000 KHz.

Please note that each band must be applied independently when you request your license. 

3 thoughts on “Changes in band plan for Radioamateur in Vietnam”

  1. thank you about this information . If want to use this new Band plan need to re apply lincense or not

    1. Well, I am not sure, but I think if by example you already have 40m on your license, you can use the full 7000-7200 KHz right now. Of course, if you did not ask for 600m by example, I think you are not allowed to use it until you ask for a new license.


  2. This is good news for you.

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