15th IARU Region 3 Conference to debute the coming week

IARU R3 LogoThe 15th IARU R3 conference attendees already arrived in Ho Chi Minh City and are ready to start their work on monday November the 5th. Conferences and working sessions will go through thursday at the Kimdo hotel conference center. Emergency Communications will occupy a large part of the meeting.

Editor’s note : I have been invited to this conference as a guest observer. However, I am busy with work as usual in November and I am not able to reach Saigon with is located 4 hours from my hometown. I apologize and wish to all the participants to have a pleasant stay in HCMC and a fruitful work. Yan – XV4Y (VARC website webmaster).

One thought on “15th IARU Region 3 Conference to debute the coming week”

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