Typhoon could reach Vietnam july 25th

Typhoon coming to Viêt-Nam, sat picture 22th of JulyRoosdiarto YG1CRR send us this information :

At attachment is weather satellite image over Asia & Pacific. L is Low Air Pressure Area named Typhoon Vicente, at July 23, 2012 located approximately 200 km East of Hong Kong.
This tropical depression started July 19 at Central Philippines. At July 20, this tropical depression reached Baguio, Luzon, Philippines. At July 21, it reached 150km West of Baguio, and because of
Coriolis Effect and inertia against Earth rotation, it started to cycle and increase in speed.

From air pressure analysis of several places on area, next destination of this Typhoon is going to be Hainan, China around July 24, Central part of North Vietnam (around Vinh) around July 25,
North part of Laos and Thailand around July 26. When it reaches Vietnam, the speed would increase, because it is going to pass hot sea water area.