2 thoughts on “All Asian DX Contest CW 2011”

  1. Hi..I am Australian Ham VK 2MS (full call) working in Vietnam for a few months. I have QRP Ham bands home-brew 80-40 transceivers on the way but have no intention of transmitting in Vietnam at all.

    I am just interested in getting some cw-rx practice by listening.

    I would like to make contact with an English speaking vietnamese Amateur maybe to have some discussions and learn what the situation is with Ham Radio in Vietnam and maybe have some education here . Can you assist?…if so please email me…cheers Tony Clancy

    1. Hi Tony,

      Well listening is free, so bring your rig with you and enjoy.
      Transmitting with homebrew rigs could be more difficult, I think that for registration and licensing a well identified and commercial rig is required.

      Where will you be located?
      There are vietnamese amateurs that speak really good english and also some fellows from foreign extraction that you can meet.
      All depend on where you are…
      Perhaps you will also be able to operate one of the club station, this is easier than applying for a “full license”…

      Yan – XV4Y.

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